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About Thierry Duguet

Welcome , my   name  is  Thierry  Duguet.  As a custom hand engraver it is my goal to create this unique shotgun, rifle, hand gun or knife that you will proud to call yours.
I am a "custom hand engraver" every piece is unique, it is the combination of your tastes and of my ability as an engraver to translate them onto the metal.
engraved firearm, every engraved knife, every item I egrave is a reflection of my mastery as an engraver. Because they will be there long after I am gone each and every one of them will receive my special attention by respect for you who entrusted them to me and by respect for myself because nothing else than my best is acceptable.
am a graduate  from" L’Ecole   d’Armurerie  de  Liege, Belgium ", where I was trained first as a gunsmith then as an engraver. I have been; engraving shotguns, rifles, hand guns, knives, and collectibles for many years for individuals as well as companies such as, Winchester , Kolar , Cooper Arms and Dakota, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturers.
  feel   free  to   use  the  Email Contact  link  to discuss any questions you  may have .
invite you to view some sample of my work. I ried to categorize my picture and you shall find them under "Engraved Shotguns", "Engraved Rifles", etc.
I welcome requests for custom work of  any  size .


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