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My name is Thierry Duguet.

I am a graduate of L'Ecole d'Armurerie de Liege in Belgium, where I was trained first as a

gunsmith then as an engraver. I have been engraving shotguns, rifles, handguns, knives,

and collectibles for many years, for individuals as well as companies such as Winchester,

Kolar, Cooper Arms, Dakota, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturers, and William Henry.

I am what would one call a traditional engraver, not so much in the styles I might use but

because my preferred tools are hammer and chisel, as well as hand push tools such as the

bulino. Feel free to explore my site for a better understanding of what is possible, and to

judge of the quality of my work. Enjoy, and please use the Contact Page for any questions

you may have!